12 March 2009

Oh how we love a brooch

Nothing satisfies us Bnn girls more than accessorising are outfits and its all about brooches. Its that bad that we can not leave the house without a brooch on our coat or jacket. Most of the time no one can see your cleverly put together outfit under your coat so what more can reveal a bit about you than a brooch.

Woman and dog £1.70 on sale from Spanish shop Blanco at Westfield

Charity shop find £1.50

This one was from Chloé which came on a top.

I love this UN one because its shaped like stamp. This one was a from a jumble sale and a bargain at 50p.

This is my favorite again it came with a top from Moschino and was actually a pair, I could not leave home without it but a few weeks ago I sadly lost one. I am absolutely gutted and I now very rarely wear the other one in fear of being birdless.

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