29 August 2008



Movado has come up with this beauty can’t even imagine how this tune will mash up the dance.


After busy days shopping in Soho there is nothing better than slipping away from all the hustle and sipping on champagne cocktails by Milk and Honey’s talented mixologist.

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Knickerbocker Royal: Rum raspberry curaçao lemon sugar

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This one was one of a kind especially done for us.

Milk and Honey Cocktails

Good News

Only in Dalston where you can link Meat with Phone cards.

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Songs for the road

We were a bit late with organising this one but here was Alex Jordan Top 5 songs for the road.

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My Five for the road needs to be clarified between what I would LIKE to hear on the road, as opposed to what will play on the road. That said:

1. Lehgo Mi Riddim - Ricky T, Bunji and Machel. That riddim should be big.

2. Lil Rick - One More Time (BIG tune from Crop Over)
One More Time - Lil Rick

3. Sean Caruth - Down Dey (one of the biggest out of TnT for me)
Down Dey*** (2008 Trinidad) - Sean Caruth

4. Blaxx - Breathless
Breathless*** (Road Mix #1)(2008 Trinidad) - Blaxx

5. Berbice - Traffic (last year but never hit the UK as it should have)
(Greenz Soca07) - traffic - Berbice

Controversial I know...

One love,

Listen to Alex Jordan on 1xtra

Whether you heard these songs or not in your band depended on Djs and their affiliated Island support. We must Big up RDR who's Djs rep every Island.

Monday Mas

One of us flaked out so didn’t make it, but for Bnn girls held up, we are true carnival veterans and mas had to be played.

We played mas with Lagniappe bird sanctuary in a beautiful red costume called Red Ibis. We were late as usual missed breakfast, but who needs food when you have a fully stocked bar. 1xrta truck was large, truly the sound of Black music. Dj’s were Two Face Int. Hi-Fidelity/Less Than Zero, Trendsetter, Gladiators, Slam, Soca Massive, Zoomer D, BBC 1XTRA (SEANI B). Zoomer D’s back in time selection was sweet for days.

Artist on the truck giving us live performances were Ghetto Flex, KMC, Fakekou, Anslem Douglas who had us barking up the road with his hits “Who let the dogs out” and "Ragga Pum Pum"
We had an amazing rum fuelled time. We lost count of so many pictures we pose for but just like Zoelah "we did whine and say cheese". We would like to say big up to Lagniappe who made sure our cups was always full on the day. This was our first year with Lagniappe improvements definitely need to be made, but a very promising band.

We weren’t ready to go home so we found Poison UK / Mtv base/ choice fm truck and was just in time to catch Machel on the truck, he gave us renditions of his hits which was pure jammishness. However again the music had to be turned off, don’t know why but the next thing we see is Machel involved in some kind of altercation but that is another story.

Our carnival was totally safe we did not see any of the ugliness that went on and we can’t wait for next year.

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Carnival Withdrawal

Any one else Suffering?

Well Bnn just about recovered from carnival. We must admit we kind of flop with all the pre parties and the live shows, it must be our age. Also the fact that in the 13 years of playing mas major panic set in, when after two attempts to pick up costumes on Thursday and Friday they still weren’t ready.

They were finally ready for pick up on Saturday at 1.00 pm, so that put us back quite a bit. The rest of the day had us running around getting bits and doing minor alterations. This meant that we did not make it to panorama or Insomnia. We would like to say well done to Ebony you did it again, we have lost count of how many times they have taken the panorama title.

Panorama Results

1st. Ebony steel band
2nd.Real Steel
3rd.Southside Harmonics
4th.Metronomes steel orchestra
5th.Pantasia steel band
6th.Mangrove steel band
7th.Croydon steel orchestra
9th.Stardust steel band

On to Sunday the day greeted us with rain we customise our tees, got the provisions ( fishcakes, salt fish, rum punch and Stella. Mahogany started the day rolling as their mas camp is in Harlesden the little children look so cute.

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We walk up Ladbroke Grove to see the chocolate strong army chipping whining up the road. We were late so had to make up major drinking time and salvage what chocolate was left. We saw a few funny sights and a few of the network.

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Highlights were definitely the original Grenadian Jovert jab jab Devil with his Anaconda scaring the crowd.

Excuse the decline of quality in the pictures "the rum had us tipsy"

21 August 2008

Demolition Man

We have got a new shop on Portobello Road.

Name and interiors will be revealed soon.

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20 August 2008

Pattern + Print

So a couple of carnival bands have made Club 4 Climate formerly known as Surya Bar their home to lime and view costumes.

We were quite amazed to see the transformation to what looked like a student bar to a space with eclectic vintage fabrics and a whole eco policy.

Love these stools covered with vintage fabrics.

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Downstairs is the dance floor which lights up apparently us dancing saves the earth according to the strange character Dr Earth.

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We found that the kids department in shops such as H&M and Zara have a good few bits such as this Plaid Mac from Zara. So if you border around 158cm and a size 8-10 you can pick up a few bargains.

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Chocolate Sunday

So we are sooooooooo excited the count down to Notting Hill carnival is nearly over. All now so we here listening to Radio Tempo getting us in the mood. Yesterday we went down to Club4Climate (Surya bar) to pick up Tees for Pure Lime Chocolate mas. For year’s pure lime have distressed the streets of Notting Hill with their original Chocolate style Jovert band on carnival Sunday. Last year 700 of us crossed the stage and this year it is expected to be even bigger with 1000 people expected to play. This year the colour is hott pink which we love and come nicly package canvas bag with your wrist band.

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Last year we had a liquid breakfast which continued to 8 pm, pissed and dutty with chocolate in places you would not even imagine we boarded London buses with strange looks from our fellow passengers.

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Chocolate Mas August 2006

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If you did see the state of de bath...hehehe

Pure Lime

Re: Wordsmith Diss to Chester P - Chester P "The Bitches"


Chester P - Flowers

15 August 2008

Felt Tip pt 2

Following on from our felt tip revival blog, I decided to go to the pound shop and invest in my own set of felt tips and a few ink pens.

These are the results:

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12 August 2008


Post Post modern super hero flick. I love the remix of "The End Is The Beginning Is The End" by Smashing Pumpkins..SCARY!

11 August 2008

Get In Your Section

Well its 2 weeks and counting to Notting Hill Carnival. By now you should know we love, ok maybe slightly obsessed with everything and anything carnival. We can not even describe the feeling we get when we hear sweet Soca music playing and the freedom of masquerading on the streets of Notting hill. Carnival for us is strictly Mas, Soca, Fetes, Pan and Rum.

So bands launch long time and the mas camps are in full swing. Here is a quick round up on some of the bands and their links.

The newest and most exciting band to join Notting Hill carnival is Bachanal Mas portraying PARADISE. What we like about this band is that they have managed to make and design all costumes in the UK. As some of you may know there is a lot of imported mas from Trinidad as well as wholesale bikinis are killing the art of mas making in the UK. Bachanal Mas

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Mahogany is also a good band which used colour and textiles to create flamboyant sculptural costumes. They are popular with children and best if you want to avoid the typical beads and sequins. This year they are portraying Mosaic. Mahogany

Big band Poison UK is also one to look out for as they have paired up with Choice Fm and MTV Base, so expect performances on the road from Machel Montano, Shaggy, Busy Signal, Lloyd, Jasmine Sullivan, 3Canal, Shal Marshal, Olatunji and Ricky T. Costumes are quite nice (again not made in the Uk), but it seems most people will be in fun mas. Their children’s mas is imaginative, fun and not just a replica of adult mas wish this same creativity can be applied to the adult costumes. Poison UK

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Dragons have made a come back this year and have teamed up with Soca Cartels Release de Ridim. So expect pure rudeness on the road. Dragons Mas band with RDR

Cocoyea now in their 26th year import their costumes from Masquerade band Trinidad. However if you looking for a good vibe, mature crowd at a good price this is your band. Cocoyea London

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Lagniappe now in there 2nd year back as a full band have teamed up with newish band Trini Posse and Busspepper more known for their club nights to give you these.

Trini Posse
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Burrokeets UK this year are portraying ‘Symphony of Life' their costumes are quite nice and are made here. Music on the road is from Choice Fm’s Martin Jay. Burrokeets UK

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Mash carnival Band is back this year with better and more creative costumes. A band that mainly promotes Guyana but have many supporters from all Islands. Mash carnival band

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Jewels de la Carnival a separate section in the band Arawak, which this year presents VIVA LAS VEGAS . These costumes are designed and produced by the costume designer Big Mike from Trinidad band Legacy. Jewels de la Carnival

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For more info on bands Itz Caribbean

Costume prices range from £45- £200 see band websites for more info.

Please note BNN will not be partaking in or have any knowledge of the following:

1. Standing on the pavement watching from the sidelines at all the pretty mas
2. We do not recognise that Red Stripe as the official beer of NHC
3. We will not be whining on any policeman
4. We will not be at any Sounds System
5. We do not know where you can get ganja, jerk chicken or a coconut

Bnn will be:

1. Going to panorama in Hyde Park
2. Playing in full Pretty mas
3. Playing in chocolate mas with pure lime on Sunday
4. Whining and getting on stink on the road
5. Posing for pictures if you ask nicely
6. Getting security to chuck you out my band if your not in costume (we pay big money for we mas)
7. Drink the bar dry in our all inclusive band
8. Nursing our injuries the next day

Don’t spectate, participate

Dot - Dot

Here at BNN HQ we love fashion and design so BNN girls have started to share our weekly fashion diary of outfits we've worn and weekly fashion bargains.

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Danfo Driver

Never seen outside Lagos pt 2.

Walking down a road in Harlesden on Friday night we were amazed to see parked up a Danfo Van.

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Mad Melons - Danfo Driver


Nneka Walking

Heavy Tune, Heavy Town.. Filmed on Location in Lagos O!

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About Nneka

Born in Nigeria, Nneka relocated some 10,000 miles to Hamburg, Germany, at the age of nineteen to pursue a career in singing along side a degree in Anthropology. Having landed in the German port, the singer hooked up with DJ and Hip-Hop beatmaker DJ Farhot and ever since, their strong musical relationship has been the backbone of Nneka’s success. Her influences reflect her younger days in Nigeria as well as her time in the Western world. The distance she has travels shines through in her voice as does her diverse musical influences. She cites famous compatriot Fela Kuti and legend Bob Marley as well as contemporary rappers Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep and Lauryn Hill as key influences in her pursuit of musical recognition.

10 August 2008

Isaac Hayes R.I.P, Bernie Mac R.I.P

Isaac Hayes R.I.P

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Isaac's wife found him unconscious next to the treadmill inside of their Memphis home this morning. When paramedics arrived, they tried to revive him and took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead at around 2 this afternoon.

Bernie Mac R.I.P

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Two Legends gone in two days!

8 August 2008

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Fela A New Musical

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Just watching the rehearsals and hearing the sounds gives us goose bumps. We hope they can capture the ruggedness of Fela and Nigerian life.

Fela A New Musical

Fela A New Musical website for more info

L'Oréal denies it lightened Beyoncé

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal is denying it lightened Beyonce's skin tone in an ad.

"We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles. It is categorically untrue that L'Oreal Paris altered Ms. Knowles' features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color," the Paris-based company said in a statement sent to the Associated Press through the singer's representative.

ABC News

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Also what about the fact that she is advertising hair colour, for hair that may not be all hers.

7 August 2008

Urban Outfitters Online sale

Bnn girls loves a good bargain and was delighted that Urban Outfitters online store still had a few good bits. The online shop gives you an easy way to look through the sale items which for anyone who regularly goes to their sale sections in the high st ken and Oxford st store knows it’s more of a minefield.

The other day we got these:

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Truly Madly Deeply Paradise Racer Tank
Was £25.00
Now £9.99

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tie Dye Tank
Was £25.00
Now £4.99

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Canvas Satchel With Leather Trim
Was £45.00
Now £19.99