29 May 2008

James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince

Now...don't get us wrong we love Prince but this had us in tears! Hahahaha!!!!!

27 May 2008


Interview with Tricky b4 his performance on Jools Holland. 20/05/08

Tricky - Council Estate (Full Video)

Bajan Nerd NARD

One of our facebook friends Sammy alerted us to this Bajan Nerd I mean NARD
"black nerd,bajan soca style....I warned you.."

We hav been feteing to this song but never had the visuals to go with it,

Nard Performing Tempo Barbados

Watch wine and juk for the nerd

We want tempo, more tempo cheese on bread.... we wonder what he bringing for this year cropover.

23 May 2008

Nerds in Spain

So we are back from our short trip to Spain, had a family do to attend. We stayed at my brother's house in Almeria.

For all of you who don’t know Almeria is famously known for being the film locations for many Spaghetti Western . The films were primarily shot in the Andalucia region of Spain, and in particular the Tabernas Desert of Almería, because it resembles the American Southwest.

Ryan Air
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A Drive and a bit of Art Stencils
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All we can say the views were breath taking, the fish was fresh, late night barbeques and it’s never too early to drink sangria.

Chilling by the pool
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Cacique and Coke
sangria and trampolining
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15 May 2008

Fro for folks on the go

Searching through some stuff from our NYC trip we forgot all about this little purchase bought fromYellow Rat Bastard (strange name)

Now I’m chewing the gum and NO results (obviously), dun have a full head of naps. So to see if it works you will have to test it out on the appropriate hair follicles...hehehe!!!

Get gum here also quoted from the site A best seller in England.

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13 May 2008

Feasting in the Square

Us Nerds decided to leave our native home of Dalston and bussed it to Hoxton Square to bask in sun and enjoy the delights of this early summer. Armed with our Guinness, Stella and specs. But first of all we had to stop off for provisions from Japanese canteen which consisted of salmon and chicken teriyaki from Japanese canteen.

Is it just us but do Japanese canteen do the best teriyaki sauce?

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The Roots - Lazy afternoon

......and remember Kids Guinness is good for you!

11 May 2008

Gilbert and George V Tatty Devine

The artist Gilbert and George regular visitors to Dalston..... Ok on route to the famous Turkish restaurant on Arcola Street. These fine gentlemen who live in Spitalfields have teamed up with Tatty Devine to create pieces for their exhibition at The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Here are a few pieces only available from the museum shop

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9 May 2008

Re-stock of bnn tees


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Special Price Of
£15 +p&p      

 $30 +p&p (aprox)

+ p&p

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the Shop

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West Indian Interiors

Tales from the front room

Using the material culture of the front room, this film explores a changing black British culture, balancing lightness with underlying serious intent.

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KASSAV - Zouk La Ce Sel Medicament Nou Ni

Sat 21 Jun 14:00 BFI http://www.bfi.org.uk/whatson/bfi_southbank/events/tales_from_the_front_room

1 May 2008

The UT Project

You can keep your Dunks we love Uniquo

The UT Gallery
Friday 2nd – Wednesday 21st May
Monday & Tuesday 11am – 7pm | Wednesday & Thursday 11am - 8pm
Friday & Saturday 10am - 7pm | Sunday 11am - 5pm
The Loading Bay Gallery | 4-5 Dray Walk (off Brick Lane )

To celebrate the launch of The UT Project, a collection of over 700 limited edition printed t-shirts designed by the world’s greatest artists and designers, we have collaborated with fashion photographer and Dazed and Confused contributor Matt Irwin to open The UT Gallery in London ’s East End . The gallery will feature a selection of the 200 images shot by Matt Irwin over 10-days in both London and New York City as part of the UT global advertising campaign.

Also get the new smaller, issue 4 of Uniqlo Paper in store

The Dalston Tourist

From time to time we see these tourist that filter through from Hoxton, Shoreditch and wherever. You know the sort that get pissed up on the weekend in Shoreditch and think they're brave when they're on the 149 (free bus) going through Dalston.

Well these tourists looked like they came all the way from Tokyo to do a fashion shoot amongst all the grime and the Natives. Lately we have been seeing Dalston becoming more and more of a back drop for these creative types.

See how Snow White brings beauty to Ridley Road market.

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