26 April 2008

We want Pampidoo at our party

This clip speaks for it self.

Check how Pamoidoo the Governor General drinks strictly stout and how the English foreign woman does dance.

Check his myspace

Wheel and come again

So we are heading down Ladbroke grove, Notting Hill area today. So we thought we would relive some tunes of the true Hill.

Culture Stop the fussing and fighting

Junior Mervin - Police and Thieves

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25 April 2008

Love me some Iced Gems

Popped in the £1 shop yesterday for some snacks and was pleasantly surprised when I came across childhood faves Iced gems. The packaging has changed and the flavour, but it still makes me feel special.

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These little biscuits began life as a biscuit called "gems". They were produced when Huntley and Palmers were experimenting with biscuit technology in 1850.
In 1910 Icing was put on one surface standing up in little pointy stars by a 10-point nozzle. The icing colours are white, yellow, red and purple.

These biscuits were available in small 30g packs as multi packs of 6. These retail for about a pound. The packets are blue with a picture of a polar bear offering an iced gem.

The icing is a variant on royal icing, made with sugar and egg whites, whisked together with water, and coloured five ways - shades perhaps optimistically referred to as raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon and white. Currently, we already have 7 colors in our Rich Garden's Iced GEM Biscuits: pink, yellow, green, brown, white, purple, and orange!

Yet tradition needn't mean stagnation, and the brand has been refined several times in recent years. Today,companies have created flavored icings or gems.

Looking back with the wisdom of years, it's hard to see quite why the younger citizens should get so excited by these jaunty-hued worriers of sensitive teeth. Indeed, never has there been a more apt illustration of the palate's tendency to mature with age, moving away from an appreciation of the sweet to the savoury. Still, with its pleasing, if gaudy, aspect, and its punch of sugar, who's to say that the humble Iced Gem will not be inspiring envy in the schoolyard for years to come.

You can also get some lovely Jewellery from the Biscuit Boutique

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21 April 2008


So we can't get enough of the Enomatic wine machine at The East Room. With your oyster like top up card you can sample the best of new world wine. You can also pretend to be a barmaid at the Queen Vic.

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15 April 2008

Babylon strikes again

Just trawling myspace and we came across K'naan's experince in Sweden when on tour with the Marley family!

Kicked Pushed: Some of you may have heard or read about what happened in Sweden's Gothenburg. Where after the performance a bouncer wouldn't allow me to go backstage to collect my things, though I had my pass in hand. The story is deep, and Sol Guy (my friend and manager) ended up going to jail for the night in Sweden. And me and the band spent the night at the station waitin for him. While it was us who were disrespected and actually physically assaulted, it was also us who were betrayed, processed and reminded of the diseases in the human heart. Fortunately, we were traveling with a camera and so we have some of those people and some of the situation on camera.

Those of you who know my music know that I've never really written for leisure. And that my experiences have always been at the forefront of my music. And you must agree, rarely is life uneventful. But this one called for special presentation. So I wrote a song, using Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push instrumental. Documenting the experience we had in Sweden, I call this song... KickED PushED. We also put together a video for the song, using the ACTUAL footage from the scenario. Nothing is re created, or re enacted, everything that you see is REAL.

Enjoy it (it's hard to say that about this one)

Peace, K'naan. ..

10 April 2008

Mysterious Africa Jody Barton

We like this print by Jody Barton

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Buy it here

Spank Rock

Ok after stumbling on pictures of this NERD Image Hosted by ImageShack.us. We must admit we did not know who de ass he is, but thanks to this NERD Dexter Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Check his blog http://dexd.blogspot.com/

We found out he is Spank Rock, I know we late, but where sometimes old black Nerds.

Spank Rock
The resulting album sounds like “the rap version of Prince's 1999 album,” according to Juwan, or, more self-deprecatingly, from Epton, like “American kids ripping off European kids ripping off American hip hop.”
Reed more
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Spank Rock Rick Rubin

Faith Brown IS Rusty Lee

Mornings of getting ready for primary school we watched TV AM (GMTV), to pass the time we waited for Ann Diamond to hand over to Rusty Lee to come on with her cooking slot. Her raucous infectious laughter, her eyes wide like bull frog or just simply cooning around gave the British a taste of the Caribbean????

This clip is so wrong
Faith Brown IS Rusty Lee!

Now she’s made it to Eastenders and years later still laughing, Share the joke nah?

From Wolverhampton to Walford Rusty Lee in Eastenders

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Marc Baptiste stand tall you beautiful creative NERD!

Honorary Nerd Marc Baptiste

We are loving his new myspace profile pic which comes with the title Mexican Consulate Passport Photo

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Relive our montage to Mr Baptiste


First Magazine

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First magazine gives us an insight into an alternative representation of Jamaican culture and style. Its diverse fashion and photography mixing old and new makes you want to get their quick time.

So if you fed of bogus Yardie’s and Rusty Lee click here

“the magazine will reflect upon modern life in Jamaica, and like Jamaicans themselves, it will continually look outward – observing, absorbing and reinventing the world surrounding it”

Peter Dean Rickards, Editor

3 April 2008

Drum buddy

Only 10 Drum Buddies were made - all in New Orleans, Louisiana.

These instruments were naturally updated and improved from the original 2000 Drum Buddies. The cabinets were created by expert woodworker Marvin Hirsch out of 100% old growth or sinker cypress. Sinker cypress (Taxodium spp.) logs are timbers that were lost during transit from harvest locations in the swamps and mill sites during the industrial cypress harvest from 1880-1930. The wood has a bizzare glowing green color with very tight grains and boards can be anywhere from 100 to 1000 years old. This is some of the rarest wood on earth and is referred to as "Louisianna Gold" by local furniture makers. Each box looks quite different. In addition to the sinker cypress there are also cabinets made from old growth blonde cypress and old growth orange cypress - some with a very rustic pecky look. The one being auctioned is a classic Pecky Cypress.
The top and front panels are new as well...These have been designed and created by Mary Waclaw in her shop in Chicago - shiny black acrylic instead of the aluminum of the first run. The electronics have also been vastly improved and enhanced with a master tuning knob, a cleaner mixer, and a thru feature which essentially means that you can now play any instrument (or even sing) THROUGH the drum buddy - like an effects pedal in tandem with the regular Drum Buddy synth sounds.

2 April 2008

Inked UP

So yesterday I went for my second instalment of pain, fortunately this session was only 1 and ½ hours. I was a bit worried as to how the second part of the design was going to link, but Claudia did her magic again. Just one more session to go.

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Tattooed Chicks Interview With Claudia De Rossi

New womans Tee coming FRIDAY!

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1 April 2008

Welcome to dalston

Babylon at it again

This video especially relates to us, as it is literally 5 minutes down the road from where we live.

On many occasions we have exchange a few words with the police and not even our Nerd specs can help us .

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