31 March 2009

Mos def is a DOOM fan!

I love this footage. if you follow this Bnn blog, facebook or twitter you know we often beg the question "MF DOOM or MOS DEF?" A question that is quite possibly, impossible to answer!

This footage has the dual purpose of endearing mos def as a true fan of HIP HOP and confirming Dooms status a an ABSOLUTE LYRICAL GENIUS emcee the most rated but at the same time underrated and troubled lyricist of a generation!


27 March 2009

Jenny and Erykah

At last the new facebook was useful for something last night, Jenny Baptiste came on the feed with her updated new pictures on her blog and we wasn't disappointed.

Her fly on the wall photography that captured a rare insight into moments of Erika at her apartment. The natural light, the off guard shots and pictures of pictures illustrates the everyday of a beautifully talented woman.

View more of Jenny Baptiste photography

Disney Couture

We must say that we usually deteste everything that is Disney, even thinking about it brings about nausea (being an adult and going into the Disney store surrounding by chirpy staff and Disney theme tunes on full blast), ok that's a bit much, but you know what I mean. So a while back I was surprised to see Urban Outfitters had some of their range and I must admit it I loved it.

The jewellery range is more for the fashion conscience girl than your pink loving girly girl. The range is based around all their films and animations such as Peter Pan, Cinderella, sleeping beauty and Pirates of the Caribbean etc. I especially love the wrap charm bracelet which uses rope and gold charms.

Available at Liberty

Baby Love by Quinny by Henrik Vibskov

Here at Bnn HQ baby stuff usually passes us by but this pushchair and baby range made us stop and stare. If you are fed up with the celebrity lot and Notting Hill darlings pushing Tulula and Jack in there green Bugaboo Pushchairs wearing Hunter wellies. Quinny by Henrik Vibskov is by Danish fashion designer is definitely for the shoreditch parents. The collections bold colours and sleek design are right on trend with the use of geometric prints.

Prices of the range go up to £ 1089.00 at this price make the bugaboo look cheap, the pushchairs are availble from Farfetch

If you still like the range and what something a lot cheaper check out these sew on patches for £15.00 here

22 March 2009

Lee Perry - I am the Upsetter 1982

Sir Lee Scratch Perry is a genius...I saw him a few years back he came out with pink hair but that stories for another day!

This tune is for all the "CRIME MINISTERS"

20 March 2009

Light of the World

I really like the pastel colours and the whole feel of this album art work by UK band Light of the World.

Light of the world Round Trip

My T-Shirt design using collage of the art work done at V&A Friday Late for black History Month 0ct 07.

Light of the World London Town