13 March 2009

J'dore my boots

As usual it was quite an uneventful shopping trip to the Wood Green TK Maxx, I never really go to that one, usually strictly West (High st ken, Ealing and Hammersmith).

Coming to the end of my magpie scouring checking out the shoes, not expecting much as I'm a size 5 and all the best shoes seem to be in a 4. I look through the sale bit and their they are. I thought..... these are quite nice, cream patent, never had cream boots before. Pick them up and looked at the sole, heart started to race, first of all they were £20.00, then I realise they were LULU GUINNESS.I then looked at the recommended retail price and it was £259.00, I nearly wet myself. Lulu Guinness is more famous for her quirky clutches in shapes such as lips and houses.

Oh how I J'dore my boots.

1 comment:

Harlem Loves said...

Gorgeous! Why do I never find these bargains in TK Maxx... humph High St Ken here I come