14 October 2008

We Are Open

Here at Bnn HQ we have been neglecting our nerds but we have been so busy concentrating on our other baby Constructive Lives. You may remember the blog Demolition Man where we strip the shop and our stock shopping trip to Birmingham and NY. This is the result of blood sweat and tears for the last few months but we are open and ready for business.

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The beautiful design and shop fit are by the talented London based graphic designers Multistorey. They came up with this amazing tiled wall that has more visual impact then a Banksy and sits perfectly with the Famous iconicTrellick Tower as our backdrop. We have truly made our mark on the corner of Portobello/ Goldborne road and to top it all of we got the best chip shop in the whole of west London George's right opposite us.

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Last Saturday saw the opening day of Constructive Lives selling furniture and homeware interiors.
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13 October 2008

Socks and Shoes

We went along to one of our favourite shops Urban Outfitters and you know the drill we headed straight for the sale section and we found these shoes from We Who See. We have been eyeing up these beauties for a while now. They were £65.00 reduced again and they now cost £19.99. With most sales if you see a lot of stock they will continue to reduce the items until it’s all gone, so hold out if you can.

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The socks are from Gap kids now £1.99 size large, to fit shoe size 3-5.
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We Heart You

Last week we went into H&M High St ken and in the kids department we found these. How could we leave them at £1.99?

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Credit Crunch Fashion

No one can escape all the credit crunch and recession headlines, but we Bnn girls have always enjoyed a good rummage for a good fashion bargain. Last week we headed out to High street Kensington and found these.

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The H&M kids dress was probably the best bargain at £5.99 and made out of organic cotton. So if you are 170cm, size 8-10 get it now before the big sizes sell out.

The Gap cardigan wins best reduction was £55.00 (are they crazy) now £16.99.

Black bag from gap now reduced to £12.99 big enough to get your pack lunch in now that you've stop going out for lunch.

4 October 2008

Tricky - Slow

I've got to agree with this YOUTUBE comment...

"Yeah! Kylie was quite OK with this song, but Tricky do it inexpressibly :-)"

Governor of Poker...Enjoy

Governor of Poker

Click here to play this game

1 October 2008


We are so loving Yael Naim version of Britney Spears Toxic.