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8 October 2009

Look what landed on my back>>>>>

While BnnGirls was in BlackNerds garden this creature decided to land on are back we flicked that bitch off lucky for it we didn't kill it.

22 June 2009

Extreme Gardening 3

So the Garden is coming on nicely........

Chopped down a tree

One giant step for BlackNerds the back wall



11 June 2009

Extreme gardening session 2

Following from our first Extreme gardening session where we found a skull, this session saw us uncover 3 frogs and the foxes den.

Last Thursday we really assaulted the garden/jungle with transforming effects, armed with more nerds we managed to get up to halfway. With this progress we can just about see the back wall and can't wait for another dry day to get the rest done.

Can smell the barbecue already.

The Frogs



1 June 2009

Extreme Gardening

So during these sunny days it has come a time to tackle the jungle ok the garden but on first sight it may be confused as one.

Year after year we look out the kitchen window and think wouldn't it be nice to have a barbecue. Well this is the year we will tackle the bush, take back the garden from the current squatters (family of Foxes)and actually find out what is at the bottom the garden.

We think this may be a Cat skull probably the foxes killed it