29 February 2008

Bnn does packaging

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Heart Bnn

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Trinidad Revisted: Food

More pics from our trip

Tribe all inclusive The food:

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No wild meat for me

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Bake and shark

We got Totes

Bnn Tote

We been toying with our screen printing equipment for some
time now and we have finally had a success  deem good enough to be put up
in our shop.

As we do more printing and experimenting we are becoming
more confident. Hold tight for new Tees, new designs and a full size range.

The Bnn tote in two designs for:





Fashion......... NERDS

plus p&p


US plus p&p
we ship

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Click the shop


22 February 2008


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It was as though we looked into our bifocal nerd glasses and saw the future! YES ITS HERE!!!!!!! FINALLY!! MOS DEF Vs MF DOOM.

For all of you that were sitting on the fence when BNN asked the ultimate question; DOOM of DEF? This is your chance to compare and contrast on the same Album, song even!!! WOW were EXCITED!

Gotta give a shout to Eye D. VS MelO(www.blogger.com/profile/14498681705502984594).who lead us into this investigation with her comment on our original post below. Much respect we really didn't know!

1. Intro (Frontin' On That M.O.N.E.Y.)
2. What Is Beef + Beef Rapp = Double Beef Rap
3. Skit (Go Back Home DOOM)
4. Change The Beat + Definition = Define The Beat
5. Workin' It Out + Fo Ti = Herbal Work Out
6. Dedicated To + Hip Hop = Dedicated To Hip Hop
7. Skit (DOOM & Def On Hip Hop)
8. Two Words + Supervillian Theme = Words Of The Day
9. Skit (DOOM's On The Influence)
10. Ms. Fat Booty + Fancy Clown = She Dippin' Around
11. It Ain't Nuttin' + Oh No = No It Ain't
12. Bright As The Stars + Bergamont = High As The Stars
13. A Brighter Day + A Constipated Monkey = Stayin' Regular
14. My Melody + Do It Now = On The Spot
15. Love Rain + Doomsday = Operation Rainy Day
16. Skit (Ain't Afraid Of Women)
17. Ms. Fat Booty Pt. 2 + Go With The Flow = Go With The Hoes
18. My Favorite Ladies + Ms. Fat Booty = Rollin' A Ms. Fatty
19. Summertime + Sorcerers = Summer Magic
20. Wanna B Where UR + Fastlane = Wanna B N Ur Lane
21. High Drama Pt. 3 + The Fine Print = Summon All Drama
22. Skit (DOOM Pulled A Switch)
23. Mathematics + Dragon' Blood = Count The Casualties
24. Rock Co. Caine Flow + Brown Sugar = Nose Candy
25. Skit (Y'all Embarrassing & Ignant)
26. Ghostwhirl + Mr. Nigga = Mr. Spook
27. Skit (It's Over)
28. Travellin' Man + Vomit Spit = Air Sick


Nas Radio Interview

Nas interview...New album titled "Nigger"...what do you think?...Listen to Nas's explanation below!

19 February 2008

Alek Wek

Looking through Myspace we happened upon Simplicity Jones, and we borrowed this beautiful vid of her beautiful page!


Beautiful Nerd..

18 February 2008


Over the past few weeks we've been trying to discover what our..well lets be honest my (the nerd writing this) fascination with Guinness is? Then after much deliberation and inebriation i came to the conclusion...GUINNESS IS GOOD FOR YOU!

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Cool Kids

Cool Kids - Black Mags official music video

14 February 2008

Lily Allen / Friends

We managed to catch "Lily Allen & Friends." on BBC 3 the other night. It was kinda good in that car crash TV way like "The Word" used to be on channel 4. One of her guests was Tay Zonday, who wrote and sings "Chocolate Raiiiin!!".. With that amount of hits on you tube, we can't believe we missed this NERD!..

Ps.what is chocolate rain????
PPs. see below!

13 February 2008


Sky three has us hooked on the dog whisper. Most days you can catch CESAR MILLAN show us and dog owners just who is the boss.

We have also found that these techniques also work well with small children. So as Cesar whispers to the nation, hoodies from Hackney to Hounslow will be controlling their staffs and pitt bulls.

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Cesar and his bitches

Jumping Border Collie

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Get the gear

More usefull tips:

12 February 2008

Umbrella, ella,ella..a..a..a

That reminds us we spotted Rihanna in Macys sigining.. er ...UMBRELLAS!

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Whasup with Jay Z and Rihanna!!??

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11 February 2008

Tribe in de Air

So as you know we were still looking for one female tribe costume and with that on hold we picked up the male costume with no problems.

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First Experience

Well we’re back from the land of Bacchanal and Mas and we could well and truly say the adventure started at Virgin check in………….

So we reach the check in and we were then informed that our plane was delayed for 4 hours, no probs you think we could lime by de bar hold a rum and spend the £10 voucher at Krispy Kreme doughnut. However with our flight going to St Lucia, an hour drives through the island to go to another airport to catch the LIAT flight. Well we not making that flight at all. So we spent the night in St Lucia and caught the first flight next morning.

After starting the flight with some rowdy Bajans I was glad to see Piarco airport.We stayed in Woodbrook at Fablennes guest house where by Ella and the mosquitoes were there to greet us.

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So it was Wednesday and that meant Bacchanal Wednesday. This was an outdoor fete with the likes of Machel, Kess the band Destra and Shurwayne Winchester. The highlights were of course winner boy (Machel)ending the show with fireworks, flames and the usual maddness.

To end the night we had to make a stop by the doubles man.

8 February 2008


SOooo were back and just having a daydream about some of the amazing people we met in NYC! One of the best has got to be Vincent Gallo, he cracked up when we handed him a card and announced we were from the "BLACK NERDS NETWORK" he kept repeating the words over and over as if he was trying to understand this strange grouping of words..like "BLACK PRESIDENT USA" then he disappeared into some whole foods shop in Greenwich Village..he couldn't get over it..LOL..NERD..COOL NERD!



4 February 2008


We like your style!

Lower East side:

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3 February 2008

Digable Planets

Tried to find the tune that goes "we live in Brooklyn baby" but er couldn't! Check the Brooklyn style!

Blackitolism (9th Wonder)

Brooklyn in the HOOousse!

okay so it stopped raining! The nerds spent the whole day with 600 people in Tribe mas camp, and partying in Brooklyn, and are now recovering from the hang over from hell.

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2 February 2008

Whoop whoop thats the sound of the police..

Rain..rain..RAIN! We thought London was wet but this is UNDERWATER LOL!

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1 February 2008

we Reech NY!

Just letting you Nerds know were HERE!! Where's the party at people. We arrived at our hotel 1am uk.. 10pm US time Thursday.
The bossman has got us on lockdown but now were ready to play!..
but wots all this rain about! still lookin for nerdiness!!??..keep u posted.

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