22 February 2008


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It was as though we looked into our bifocal nerd glasses and saw the future! YES ITS HERE!!!!!!! FINALLY!! MOS DEF Vs MF DOOM.

For all of you that were sitting on the fence when BNN asked the ultimate question; DOOM of DEF? This is your chance to compare and contrast on the same Album, song even!!! WOW were EXCITED!

Gotta give a shout to Eye D. VS MelO(www.blogger.com/profile/14498681705502984594).who lead us into this investigation with her comment on our original post below. Much respect we really didn't know!

1. Intro (Frontin' On That M.O.N.E.Y.)
2. What Is Beef + Beef Rapp = Double Beef Rap
3. Skit (Go Back Home DOOM)
4. Change The Beat + Definition = Define The Beat
5. Workin' It Out + Fo Ti = Herbal Work Out
6. Dedicated To + Hip Hop = Dedicated To Hip Hop
7. Skit (DOOM & Def On Hip Hop)
8. Two Words + Supervillian Theme = Words Of The Day
9. Skit (DOOM's On The Influence)
10. Ms. Fat Booty + Fancy Clown = She Dippin' Around
11. It Ain't Nuttin' + Oh No = No It Ain't
12. Bright As The Stars + Bergamont = High As The Stars
13. A Brighter Day + A Constipated Monkey = Stayin' Regular
14. My Melody + Do It Now = On The Spot
15. Love Rain + Doomsday = Operation Rainy Day
16. Skit (Ain't Afraid Of Women)
17. Ms. Fat Booty Pt. 2 + Go With The Flow = Go With The Hoes
18. My Favorite Ladies + Ms. Fat Booty = Rollin' A Ms. Fatty
19. Summertime + Sorcerers = Summer Magic
20. Wanna B Where UR + Fastlane = Wanna B N Ur Lane
21. High Drama Pt. 3 + The Fine Print = Summon All Drama
22. Skit (DOOM Pulled A Switch)
23. Mathematics + Dragon' Blood = Count The Casualties
24. Rock Co. Caine Flow + Brown Sugar = Nose Candy
25. Skit (Y'all Embarrassing & Ignant)
26. Ghostwhirl + Mr. Nigga = Mr. Spook
27. Skit (It's Over)
28. Travellin' Man + Vomit Spit = Air Sick



Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

oh yes thanks for shouting me out and i am glad i helped you all out. i definitely thought everyone knew about this album b/c i'm usually a day late and a dollar short when discovering hidden treaures lol

i must admit some tracks are mediocre but a lot are pretty dope

much love... eye d.vs mel o.

Anonymous said...

any chance for a reup?