21 August 2009


A tube-shaped optical instrument that is rotated to produce a succession of symmetrical designs by means of mirrors reflecting the constantly changing patterns made by bits of coloured glass at one end of the tube.

Views from our kaleidoscope currently on sale at our shop Constructive Lives for £30.

Below pictures courtesy of BlackNerds and his tattoo's

Art Is My Hustle

We've been walking on this for the last few weeks

by T magic at Willesden Junction station
*Not our foot would not wear such trainers

19 August 2009

The 50th Law

We just got our copy of The 50th Law by 50 cent and Robert Green. 50 Cent doesn't usually grace our blog posts but you cannot ignore his music and business success. This collaboration with Robert Green writer of 48 Laws of Power shows the parallels of 50 cents achievements and that of the corporate business world.

The ultimate hustle is to move freely between the street and corporate worlds, to find your flow and never stay locked in the same position. This is a manifesto for how to operate in the 21st century, where everything has been turned on its head. Building on the runaway success of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power (almost half a million copies sold), the ‘modern Machiavelli’ teams up with rapper 50 Cent to show how the power game of success can be played to your advantage.

Drawing on the lore of gangsters, hustlers, and hip-hop artists, as well as 50 Cent’s business and artistic dealings, the authors present the Laws of 50, revealing how to become a master strategist and supreme realist. Success comes from seeking an advantage in each and every encounter, and The 50th Law offers indispensable advice on how to win in business – and in life.

The 50th Law
Much thanks to Myvanwy Evans
Pre-order your copy here

My Vestax

portable record player


À bientôt

Farewell to our good friend (and original Black Nerd). She has worked in our boutique "constructive lives" and has partied with us from "Market Place" to "Plastic People". Unfortunately for us, last Saturday we were all saying goodbye in a Dalston local. After 10 years in London Town she's finally returning to Sweden.

Grafics by Imagist

See you soon xx

15 August 2009

Sweet and Dandy

Found these vintage leather Bow Ties in Dalston 99p shop.

12 August 2009


Now taking place The Perseid Meteor Shower

Meteors are streaks of light in the sky caused by blazing pieces of dust drawn into the Earth's atmosphere from near space.The meteor particles, many no bigger than sand grains, come from comets which have passed through the inner Solar System.

On their journey around the Sun, the comets evaporate and leave behind a trail of gas and dust. When the Earth ploughs through a comet's old trajectory, this dusty debris burns up in our atmosphere to form shooting stars. The Perseid meteors owe their origin to Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last moved through the inner Solar System 11 years ago. The Perseid meteor shower is also known as the "Tears of St Lawrence" since the peak of the shower occurs around the anniversary of his martyrdom in AD 258

Pictures from last night via BBC News

Pete Lawrence

Bill Pinnel South London

Reading the Stars by Embroidery MiniatureRhino via Kitsune Noir

The stars tell stories of ancient myths involving monsters, loves and animals fixed in the night sky. i remember learning about these stories as a child and they still captivate me as do the graphic beauty of the constellations themselves. This is a group of my favorites constellations stitched ever so delicately

Needle point constellations

1. Andromeda - the chained lady
2. Ursa Major - the great bear
3. Cygnus - the swan
4. Orion - the hunter

Cosmic Designs by illstrator Chrissie Abbott for Little Boots

Chrissie Abbott T Shirt for Jaguar Shoes Kingsland Road

Get it here

Peter Pilotto's A/W 08 Collection via Trend de la Creme blog

Cosmic Prints
The Circinus Galaxy

Galaxy NGC 1569

5 August 2009

Vintage Bella

The sales are still going on in Urban Outfitters Oxford Street and online.

Necklace Vintage
Belt Vintage
Dress Urban Outfitters finished with vintage buttons £9.99

Dress Urban Outfitters using Vintage fabric £9.99
Bag Vintage via charity shop

Best find Leggings with zip from H&M Kids £7.99 new season

Flamingo Hotel

Had to have this Tropical delight from Tiger Shop in
Hammersmith and the best thing is it only cost a £1.

Flamingo dress from Just Cavalli 08/09 A/W

Parrot Print from Belle and Bunty

4 August 2009

The Great BnnGirls Birthday Getaway

It was BnnGirls Birthday last Monday, so we decided to escape to Almeria Spain to stay with Family.

We arrived on the 24th and could not believe 40° heat that hit us as we came of the plane and this was around 5pm. We unpacked and drank our favorite Spanish drink...........

Tinto de Verano.

Then came the drought, From 8 o clock pm Thursday till Sunday we had no water. We later found out the cause was a massive fire and all the water had to be diverted to put it out. Thank goodness for the pool.

BnnGirls cooling off

Can't get the fro wet

The long walk to the local bar (not local)

The Beach

The Nephew

The Sunset

Birthday Girls

More Birthdays

The Kyat

The Palm Tree