4 August 2009

The Great BnnGirls Birthday Getaway

It was BnnGirls Birthday last Monday, so we decided to escape to Almeria Spain to stay with Family.

We arrived on the 24th and could not believe 40° heat that hit us as we came of the plane and this was around 5pm. We unpacked and drank our favorite Spanish drink...........

Tinto de Verano.

Then came the drought, From 8 o clock pm Thursday till Sunday we had no water. We later found out the cause was a massive fire and all the water had to be diverted to put it out. Thank goodness for the pool.

BnnGirls cooling off

Can't get the fro wet

The long walk to the local bar (not local)

The Beach

The Nephew

The Sunset

Birthday Girls

More Birthdays

The Kyat

The Palm Tree


Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

happy birthday , hope you all had fun.

DJ Acrojam said...


-K. Campbell said...

OMG it really looks like u all had a great time and i love the fotos! Happy bday from ur bff across the pond! K. Campbell (@yeahunokelzz)