19 August 2009

The 50th Law

We just got our copy of The 50th Law by 50 cent and Robert Green. 50 Cent doesn't usually grace our blog posts but you cannot ignore his music and business success. This collaboration with Robert Green writer of 48 Laws of Power shows the parallels of 50 cents achievements and that of the corporate business world.

The ultimate hustle is to move freely between the street and corporate worlds, to find your flow and never stay locked in the same position. This is a manifesto for how to operate in the 21st century, where everything has been turned on its head. Building on the runaway success of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power (almost half a million copies sold), the ‘modern Machiavelli’ teams up with rapper 50 Cent to show how the power game of success can be played to your advantage.

Drawing on the lore of gangsters, hustlers, and hip-hop artists, as well as 50 Cent’s business and artistic dealings, the authors present the Laws of 50, revealing how to become a master strategist and supreme realist. Success comes from seeking an advantage in each and every encounter, and The 50th Law offers indispensable advice on how to win in business – and in life.

The 50th Law
Much thanks to Myvanwy Evans
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TAM + SAM said...

I love 48 laws of power. Very insightful. Looking forward to checking this out. Btw, love this blog. Laters, t

Anonymous said...

A bit disappointed to see the likes of him on this blog.

n_vizion said...

I love this book. I have it on audio and listened to it several times.