12 August 2009


Now taking place The Perseid Meteor Shower

Meteors are streaks of light in the sky caused by blazing pieces of dust drawn into the Earth's atmosphere from near space.The meteor particles, many no bigger than sand grains, come from comets which have passed through the inner Solar System.

On their journey around the Sun, the comets evaporate and leave behind a trail of gas and dust. When the Earth ploughs through a comet's old trajectory, this dusty debris burns up in our atmosphere to form shooting stars. The Perseid meteors owe their origin to Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last moved through the inner Solar System 11 years ago. The Perseid meteor shower is also known as the "Tears of St Lawrence" since the peak of the shower occurs around the anniversary of his martyrdom in AD 258

Pictures from last night via BBC News

Pete Lawrence

Bill Pinnel South London

Reading the Stars by Embroidery MiniatureRhino via Kitsune Noir

The stars tell stories of ancient myths involving monsters, loves and animals fixed in the night sky. i remember learning about these stories as a child and they still captivate me as do the graphic beauty of the constellations themselves. This is a group of my favorites constellations stitched ever so delicately

Needle point constellations

1. Andromeda - the chained lady
2. Ursa Major - the great bear
3. Cygnus - the swan
4. Orion - the hunter

Cosmic Designs by illstrator Chrissie Abbott for Little Boots

Chrissie Abbott T Shirt for Jaguar Shoes Kingsland Road

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Peter Pilotto's A/W 08 Collection via Trend de la Creme blog

Cosmic Prints
The Circinus Galaxy

Galaxy NGC 1569

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