29 June 2008

JAY Z Glastonbury '08

Jigga what, Jigga who?
Jigga what, Jigga who?
Jigga what, Jigga who?.....HE SMASHED IT!!!!!!!!!.......OASIS WHAT, OASIS WHO?

27 June 2008

Lord Kitchener If you're not White, you're Black

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NO ONE CARES about your blog

We took this from ffffound

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Maggi's and hot pepper sauce.

Now I was feeling a bit peckish last night and the only think that could fill my carnivores needs at 10pm was Obalende Suya in Dalston. Now my way is not authentic I passed on the pepper, tomatoes and onions, just the meat will do. Apologies to vegetarians and Mr Nerd who is a Piscarian as I ate in front of him.

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Suya Express

26 June 2008

RZA as Bobby Digital "You Can't Stop Me Now"

No matter how hard you try you cant stop me now..NUFF SAID!
Love this song love the sentiment of this song..YOU CANT STOP WE IIIIIiiight!

Seriously addictive tune been lovin the WU since day but on a solo tip Ghostface has been smashin it! from "Holla" to "R.A.G.U" on Fishscales. Anyways RZA has just raised the bar up with some weeded out retro beats re-telling the whole wu tang history from 93 onwards. for some reason this tunes backing track reminds me of those old skool spaghetti westerns instead of the obligortry kung fu. My favourite part of the vid is Rza's ODB T shirt..Much re-SPECS indeed!

Ps. the horns are sublime, sweet as syrup

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25 June 2008

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

Pretty Purdie is a demon on the drums!!! Much sampled and respected Mr Bernard "Pretty" Purdie and the "16th Note Shuffle"

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21 June 2008

What a line up

So you done do karaoke at the end of the dance to these songs, so now come see them live.
Sat 05 Jul: Carling Academy Brixton
Royal Kings and Queens of Roots

Queen Ifrica - Below The Waist

Tarrus Riley - She's Royal

Tony Rebel - If Jah


Royal Kings & Queens of Roots

Where she get it from

Sister Nancy

What can you get for 20p?

Not a bloody lot, but on Brick Lane like magpies us Nerds spotted some fine jewels. Seduced by the gold and sparkles that could give Elizabeth Duke a run for there money we tried our luck. However we was not impressed, as usual with these things the card in the machine with the displayed treasure was just their to lure you in (ok 5 year old girls).

This is what we got, but we will be back next week to get our hands on the gold.

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19 June 2008

Loong Kee Vietnamese Restaurant

In our opinion one of the best Vietnamese Restaurants on the Kingsland Road is Loong Kee. Since its reviews in Time Out and sprightly new red uniforms, has made this place packed on a Friday and Saturday night. The bring your own alcoholic drinks policy means you can eat well for cheap.

We had Salt and pepper squid, sizzling fish, a duck and tofu dish all for 3 people for around £30, where can you beat that in London.

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After months of jacking free internet from the man upstairs, push come to shove when it was locked off. After a week of having no connection it was time to do the honourable thing and pay for broadband. It turned out that the man upstairs was with Virgin and he had not paid the bill.

Virgin Media gives you the option of having broadband, TV and phone using cable (Wow a landline number). So this meant getting a phone and we nerds could not settle for anything less than this design classic with a twist. It has push button keys, no waiting to dial the next number, or getting your fingers stuck in the circle. But the only flaw is no CALLER ID so we will continue to tell the French man that Novell does not live here. Or text me when you going to call so I can plug it in

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Rotary Dial Telephone

Also loving my Philipp Starck inspired lamp.

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Buy me

13 June 2008

Esau Mwamwaya - First World Music

So there has been a real Buzz about Esau Mwamwaya the Malawian singer who lives in Hackney. First his version of Mia's paper planes as well as being featured on the front cover of Fader Magazine and a write up in the recent Time Out Africa issue.

Esau Mwamwaya version of Mia's Paper Planes

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In 1999 Esau Mwamwaya moved to London, England and he currently run a second-hand furniture store in Clapton, East London.

Esau's store is on the same street as Radioclit's studio, and after the Radioclit boy's bought a bike of Esau and invited him to one of their house warming parties, they made friends and started working on music together. Half a year later, an album is taking form and we all want to share the beautiful music we feel we've been making!
Words taken from his myspacehttp://www.myspace.com/esaumwamwaya

We are currently loving Kamphpopo

12 June 2008

Gully Creepa V

Which dance to do???

Elephant Man - Gully Creepa Boom Official

Jumbie HD


So I went to the Hugo Boss sample sale last week and after rummaging through clothes and people. I manage do find this beauty.

It is a double breasted lightweight 3 1/4 length coat. Do the button up at the top, and with the hood it looks like a very smart duffle coat. As soon as I put it on I knew I was the BossMan lol. It retail for £700 and I got it for £150, I know it’s bad but I was kinda wishing for it to be cold last week just so I could wear it.

Littlewoods Catalogue Pose 1

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Littlewoods Catalogue Pose 2

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Next stop is the Reiss sample sale starting today till Sunday near Dray Walk.

11 June 2008

Another Nerd Delivery

So we got a lovely email from Monsieur Jelsen Jargon, he is a Creative Nerd doing some really cool Graphics.

Here is his contribution to the Honorary Black Nerd Gallery, which already includes Erykah Badu, Jamie Foxx, Marc Baptiste and of course ourselves.

In his words our blog is "...some good, clean, fun" and
"i'd like to submit documentation of my Inner Nerd & Outer Blackness" his original blog post

Here is a link to Jelsen blog.
We are also loving his picture and interview for the Trace blog click here to read

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10 June 2008

Nas - Be A Nigger Too (official Video)

What can we say, some powerful images and sentiment! We like to think that if Pac and Biggie were here they would of spat a 16 bar on this epic poem! Stand up NUBIANS!!

Should we say it? Shouldn't we say it?..still DUNNO?! But what i can say is Nas does say it(over and over again)... DEEP!!

6 June 2008

Alanis Morissette Vs Black Eye Peas

In our oppinion Alanis wins HANDS DOWN!

Alanis Morissette "My Humps"

Black Eye Peas - My Hump

5 June 2008

Buff Nuff

Roots Manuva


This is where I live

> I see that you have some post on your Blog of Marc Baptiste. This is one of
> his latest projects if you would like to post photos from the event let me
> know I have.

Stay Inspired

Space33 Gallery

please send some photos!


Curated by Marc Baptiste


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Space 33 is pleased to present "This is where I live" an emerging photographers group show curated by Marc Baptiste, featuring the artwork of Akintola Hanif, Jean H. Marcelin and Jenny Baptiste. The artists in the show use the reportage tradition to document their corresponding neighborhoods.

"This is where I live" presents urban scenes that everyone can come across, glance or experience daily and challenges the viewer to consider these scenes from a different point of view. Read more


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Shepard Fairey Poster Design

Obama has finally clenched the nomination for President of The United States. The first black man ever to do so. I think it is a reflection of his character and desire to unite the country, that he did not mention this racial milestone once in his speech last night. Read the whole thing below.- Shepard Fairey




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Special Price
of £15 + p&p

aprox $30 US +

aprox 18
Euros + p&p