19 June 2008


After months of jacking free internet from the man upstairs, push come to shove when it was locked off. After a week of having no connection it was time to do the honourable thing and pay for broadband. It turned out that the man upstairs was with Virgin and he had not paid the bill.

Virgin Media gives you the option of having broadband, TV and phone using cable (Wow a landline number). So this meant getting a phone and we nerds could not settle for anything less than this design classic with a twist. It has push button keys, no waiting to dial the next number, or getting your fingers stuck in the circle. But the only flaw is no CALLER ID so we will continue to tell the French man that Novell does not live here. Or text me when you going to call so I can plug it in

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Rotary Dial Telephone

Also loving my Philipp Starck inspired lamp.

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Keebs said...


*tries to catch her breath*

Yeah snap...after months of stealing internet from an unknown but generous neighbour, I too signed up for that 3 in 1 Virgin package- the guy on the phone sold it to me so well...the thing is I dont even have a TV... Will probably get one in a couple of months...

8thlight said...

This has nothing to do with the post, but I love that Black Star album and cover art!

Gia Shakur said...

lol @ stealing service

Bahareh & Jelsen said...

im not going to lie; the coupling of the lamp & phone's a pretty lil match!

maybe i should stop prank calling with my bad french accent.