26 June 2008

RZA as Bobby Digital "You Can't Stop Me Now"

No matter how hard you try you cant stop me now..NUFF SAID!
Love this song love the sentiment of this song..YOU CANT STOP WE IIIIIiiight!

Seriously addictive tune been lovin the WU since day but on a solo tip Ghostface has been smashin it! from "Holla" to "R.A.G.U" on Fishscales. Anyways RZA has just raised the bar up with some weeded out retro beats re-telling the whole wu tang history from 93 onwards. for some reason this tunes backing track reminds me of those old skool spaghetti westerns instead of the obligortry kung fu. My favourite part of the vid is Rza's ODB T shirt..Much re-SPECS indeed!

Ps. the horns are sublime, sweet as syrup

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Anonymous said...

I find it hypocritical that you guys blast Beyonce's weaves and the whitening of her skin tone by Lo'real Paris, YET you proudly endorse a video of a man who promotes the legacy of video HOS aka naked black women shaking their a**** and letting her boobs hang out, undeterred.

I did not expect to see such widespread double standard on this blog but I guess even the good ones are now corrupted. It's a damn shame!

BNN said...

Hey Anonymous (LOL!) thanks for your comment.

I've been waiting for one of these. Where do I start, ok..firstly as our name suggests we are not ONE we are MANY therefore we have many views. Secondly It is not our intention to "blast" anyone. The Beyonce blogger points out that Loreal a corporate hair company, uses a black woman to promote their products which is GOOD..then allegedly lightens her skin in there promotional pictures NOT SO GOOD! They also found it quite amusing that they've never heard of anyone dying there weave! Have you? No one was "blasting weaves, or Beyonce" I'm personally partial to both.

As for endorsing video HOS......a? I think you've got this blog mixed up with Oprah's LMAO! Listen to this bit carefully this BLACK NERD loves MUSIC!! LOVES WU TANG!! LOVES RZA!!LOVES THE TUNE!!!

Ps..this BLACK NERD also LOVES BLACK WOMEN!!....(all black women)MY GIRL, SISTER AND MUM!

PPs. I must be honest i did love the girls in that video too! 8-/


Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous. make up your mind, or at the very least don't take sides until you do.

thinking you're not as much a nerd as you are hard-pressed for pussy? just be yourself. you may find you don't have as many "problems".

BNN said...

..wot u agree with yourself!! This aint YOUTUBE and we aint at school!..well maybe you are.(LOL)

Nuff said!

Ps. Im sure your come back!!(cant belive so many anonymous bloggers watching this one post. I'm starting to believe you aint BLACK or a NERD..go watch PEREZ! LMAO!

pnut_butta said...

i have to agree with my fellow black nerd. i'm black, a nerd, and a woman and i don't believe that pre-supposes my tastes in any way. just because i'm black doesn't mean i can't agree with some of the sentiments of, say, a bnp politician. just because i'm a woman doesn't mean i can't like top gear (even though i don't, but i could if i wanted to). just because i'm a nerd doesn't mean i can't like something really stupid, like adam sandler movies. if i like a song or an artist i just like them. the link below is a video of a poem i recorded at a show which was called "my love for hip hop" i was commissioned to write a piece on the topic of bitches and hoes. i used this opportunity to explore how as a woman and supposedly an intellectual i justified liking (in this example outkast who were known for having a naked black woman on all their cds)things that i claim to be against. of course a whole group of black nerds (or any group) will have disparites and differences, but even one person can like things which are on the surface appear to at odds with one another.


Anonymous said...

I just like how whenever you take a stand against something which degrades black women, you get called Oprah...If you guys are not "Oprah" why meddle in politcal correctness by blasting Beyonce's weaves and her "perceived approval" of L'oreal's decision to white-wash her ad? for a network that pretends not to dabble into such matters, isn't that very Oprah-like matters you are swimming into? Ironical how we "black nerds" think it's wrong for a black woman to wear weaves but as long as she's shaking her Tits, all the "black nerds" approve. "Black nerds" are really horny men, who hate weaves but loves tits bouncing on our TV Screens....way to end a stereotype!

I must you guys credit for your coming up with the whole "black nerds" publicity stunt. Hey! whatever it takes to sell those limited-edition T-shirts right? It's a hard knock life out there. do ya thang! I ain't mad at you. You even had me fooled for a second there.

Wordweaver21 said...

I agree with the anonymous's comment about BNN seeming somewhat hypocritical...I mean, you guys are the ones who put yourselves on a pedestal when you took a jab at beyonce's weave. When I read that, it gave me the impression that you guys are advocates for those types of issues. Then to see you put post a video of naked black women and glamorize it, it comes off as hypocritical. Just saying!!

BNN said...

First of all this is the black female nerd that wrote the Beyoncé blog. I have read all the comments and I don’t understand where the cussing of Beyoncé weave comes into this. Not once did I cuss Beyoncé’s weave or other woman wearing weaves. When the L'Oreal advert came out it was news everywhere in the world, I reported it with picture and the statement released by L’Oreal. My issues were of course the lighting of her skin and that she was advertising a hair colour on hair that may not be all hers. As a white lady (cause I’m sure L'Oreal aren’t marketing it at me) wouldn’t you have issue that they are telling you what hair could look like using this colour and it isn’t the models real hair. Did L'Oreal make it clear that this product is also good for dying weave? Did they dye the woman’s hair then cut it of then put it on Beyoncé’s hair??. It’s the same with all those eyelashes advert where it is renowned that you were never going to get eyelashes like the advert because they were mostly false.

Us black nerds of men and woman come in all shapes sizes and beliefs. Some of us have natural hair, braids, weaves and relaxers. We heavily feature the creative side of art music fashion and popular culture. We go to clubs, dance fete, drink whine, listen to hip hop Afrobeat, Soca Jazz Brokenbeat Bashment and everything in between, we read books and trashy gossip mags. All of this does not make us any more or less of a black Nerd, everyone’s definition of a black nerd is different. Everyone has a political view especially us as black African people we can’t leave the door sometimes with out seeing the wrongs in this white male dominated society. Please read all our other blogs then you will truly see our thoughts of what our definition of a black Nerd living in London is. If it doesn’t tick your black nerd criteria go write your own blog and release your true inner black nerd beliefs.