31 March 2009

Mos def is a DOOM fan!

I love this footage. if you follow this Bnn blog, facebook or twitter you know we often beg the question "MF DOOM or MOS DEF?" A question that is quite possibly, impossible to answer!

This footage has the dual purpose of endearing mos def as a true fan of HIP HOP and confirming Dooms status a an ABSOLUTE LYRICAL GENIUS emcee the most rated but at the same time underrated and troubled lyricist of a generation!


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educatedbrotha (on twitter) said...

I like Mos, like him a lot. But hands down, DOOM is my number one masked man! Argh I wish he and J-Dilla (who by the way is my number one unmasked man) could've done more together. Stones Throw Records for the win.