29 August 2008

Monday Mas

One of us flaked out so didn’t make it, but for Bnn girls held up, we are true carnival veterans and mas had to be played.

We played mas with Lagniappe bird sanctuary in a beautiful red costume called Red Ibis. We were late as usual missed breakfast, but who needs food when you have a fully stocked bar. 1xrta truck was large, truly the sound of Black music. Dj’s were Two Face Int. Hi-Fidelity/Less Than Zero, Trendsetter, Gladiators, Slam, Soca Massive, Zoomer D, BBC 1XTRA (SEANI B). Zoomer D’s back in time selection was sweet for days.

Artist on the truck giving us live performances were Ghetto Flex, KMC, Fakekou, Anslem Douglas who had us barking up the road with his hits “Who let the dogs out” and "Ragga Pum Pum"
We had an amazing rum fuelled time. We lost count of so many pictures we pose for but just like Zoelah "we did whine and say cheese". We would like to say big up to Lagniappe who made sure our cups was always full on the day. This was our first year with Lagniappe improvements definitely need to be made, but a very promising band.

We weren’t ready to go home so we found Poison UK / Mtv base/ choice fm truck and was just in time to catch Machel on the truck, he gave us renditions of his hits which was pure jammishness. However again the music had to be turned off, don’t know why but the next thing we see is Machel involved in some kind of altercation but that is another story.

Our carnival was totally safe we did not see any of the ugliness that went on and we can’t wait for next year.

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Ebony Intuition said...

I would love to go carnival in london.