11 August 2008

Get In Your Section

Well its 2 weeks and counting to Notting Hill Carnival. By now you should know we love, ok maybe slightly obsessed with everything and anything carnival. We can not even describe the feeling we get when we hear sweet Soca music playing and the freedom of masquerading on the streets of Notting hill. Carnival for us is strictly Mas, Soca, Fetes, Pan and Rum.

So bands launch long time and the mas camps are in full swing. Here is a quick round up on some of the bands and their links.

The newest and most exciting band to join Notting Hill carnival is Bachanal Mas portraying PARADISE. What we like about this band is that they have managed to make and design all costumes in the UK. As some of you may know there is a lot of imported mas from Trinidad as well as wholesale bikinis are killing the art of mas making in the UK. Bachanal Mas

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mahogany is also a good band which used colour and textiles to create flamboyant sculptural costumes. They are popular with children and best if you want to avoid the typical beads and sequins. This year they are portraying Mosaic. Mahogany

Big band Poison UK is also one to look out for as they have paired up with Choice Fm and MTV Base, so expect performances on the road from Machel Montano, Shaggy, Busy Signal, Lloyd, Jasmine Sullivan, 3Canal, Shal Marshal, Olatunji and Ricky T. Costumes are quite nice (again not made in the Uk), but it seems most people will be in fun mas. Their children’s mas is imaginative, fun and not just a replica of adult mas wish this same creativity can be applied to the adult costumes. Poison UK

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Dragons have made a come back this year and have teamed up with Soca Cartels Release de Ridim. So expect pure rudeness on the road. Dragons Mas band with RDR

Cocoyea now in their 26th year import their costumes from Masquerade band Trinidad. However if you looking for a good vibe, mature crowd at a good price this is your band. Cocoyea London

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Lagniappe now in there 2nd year back as a full band have teamed up with newish band Trini Posse and Busspepper more known for their club nights to give you these.

Trini Posse
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Burrokeets UK this year are portraying ‘Symphony of Life' their costumes are quite nice and are made here. Music on the road is from Choice Fm’s Martin Jay. Burrokeets UK

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Mash carnival Band is back this year with better and more creative costumes. A band that mainly promotes Guyana but have many supporters from all Islands. Mash carnival band

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Jewels de la Carnival a separate section in the band Arawak, which this year presents VIVA LAS VEGAS . These costumes are designed and produced by the costume designer Big Mike from Trinidad band Legacy. Jewels de la Carnival

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For more info on bands Itz Caribbean

Costume prices range from £45- £200 see band websites for more info.

Please note BNN will not be partaking in or have any knowledge of the following:

1. Standing on the pavement watching from the sidelines at all the pretty mas
2. We do not recognise that Red Stripe as the official beer of NHC
3. We will not be whining on any policeman
4. We will not be at any Sounds System
5. We do not know where you can get ganja, jerk chicken or a coconut

Bnn will be:

1. Going to panorama in Hyde Park
2. Playing in full Pretty mas
3. Playing in chocolate mas with pure lime on Sunday
4. Whining and getting on stink on the road
5. Posing for pictures if you ask nicely
6. Getting security to chuck you out my band if your not in costume (we pay big money for we mas)
7. Drink the bar dry in our all inclusive band
8. Nursing our injuries the next day

Don’t spectate, participate

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