29 August 2008

Carnival Withdrawal

Any one else Suffering?

Well Bnn just about recovered from carnival. We must admit we kind of flop with all the pre parties and the live shows, it must be our age. Also the fact that in the 13 years of playing mas major panic set in, when after two attempts to pick up costumes on Thursday and Friday they still weren’t ready.

They were finally ready for pick up on Saturday at 1.00 pm, so that put us back quite a bit. The rest of the day had us running around getting bits and doing minor alterations. This meant that we did not make it to panorama or Insomnia. We would like to say well done to Ebony you did it again, we have lost count of how many times they have taken the panorama title.

Panorama Results

1st. Ebony steel band
2nd.Real Steel
3rd.Southside Harmonics
4th.Metronomes steel orchestra
5th.Pantasia steel band
6th.Mangrove steel band
7th.Croydon steel orchestra
9th.Stardust steel band

On to Sunday the day greeted us with rain we customise our tees, got the provisions ( fishcakes, salt fish, rum punch and Stella. Mahogany started the day rolling as their mas camp is in Harlesden the little children look so cute.

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We walk up Ladbroke Grove to see the chocolate strong army chipping whining up the road. We were late so had to make up major drinking time and salvage what chocolate was left. We saw a few funny sights and a few of the network.

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Highlights were definitely the original Grenadian Jovert jab jab Devil with his Anaconda scaring the crowd.

Excuse the decline of quality in the pictures "the rum had us tipsy"

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