29 August 2008

Songs for the road

We were a bit late with organising this one but here was Alex Jordan Top 5 songs for the road.

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My Five for the road needs to be clarified between what I would LIKE to hear on the road, as opposed to what will play on the road. That said:

1. Lehgo Mi Riddim - Ricky T, Bunji and Machel. That riddim should be big.

2. Lil Rick - One More Time (BIG tune from Crop Over)
One More Time - Lil Rick

3. Sean Caruth - Down Dey (one of the biggest out of TnT for me)
Down Dey*** (2008 Trinidad) - Sean Caruth

4. Blaxx - Breathless
Breathless*** (Road Mix #1)(2008 Trinidad) - Blaxx

5. Berbice - Traffic (last year but never hit the UK as it should have)
(Greenz Soca07) - traffic - Berbice

Controversial I know...

One love,

Listen to Alex Jordan on 1xtra

Whether you heard these songs or not in your band depended on Djs and their affiliated Island support. We must Big up RDR who's Djs rep every Island.

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