29 May 2010

Pub Grub on the Way

There's nothing Black Nerds like more than good fish and chips washed down with a pint of cold Guinness at The Spurstowe Arms near Wilton way. The food is sometimes hit and miss and quite expensive but we love the laid back feel and the beer garden.

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Man size fish
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......someone pass him a Yorkie lol

Yorkie. "It's not for girls".


Anon said...

Man that fish is HUUGE! 0.0!

Sirrah said...

A large fish indeed. However, I wonder what perils and plights the transgendered might have when it comes to eating a "Yorkie"...hey I'm jus sayin...

Mystic Jungle said...

That fish is freaking humongous!:)

TAM + SAM said...

Looks delicious!