24 May 2010

PoisonUK Season Launch 2010 Zero Degrees

Last Friday saw Poison uk kick off the start of their season events for Notting Hill Carnival. Starting at Zero degrees the band launch at the The Cobden Club in the heart of the Carnival route

We headed down to the band launch not sure what to expect but as the models skank there way on stage we were very impressed at the standard of the costumes. We have played mas with Puk before but wasn't really feeling the imported costumes. But this year we can tell you the costumes are 100% made and designed in the UK.

The theme for this year is That's Amore with sections such as Jungle Fever, Tempest, Desire, Erotica, Black Magic, and as always their fun mas section 'The Gondoliers'. Also Dynasty entertainment presented Tribal Love to go along side the theme.

Jungle Fever
This is the wilder side of Amore...Love. This costume depicts sensuality in the open jungle – feel at home with nature. The lovely headpiece represents the outdoors in Love’s natural surroundings.

This has to be our favorite section and the one we would probably go for. We love the different shades of lime and emerald green which complements the gold.

Tempest portrays the thin division between happiness and tragedy, and uses fantasy and magic to explore love and hatred… The temptation is wrong but feels so right!

Another hott section, love that the belt is made up of rhinestones.

This section was designed to show rawness and carnality. That under-lying sexual instinct that we all possess.

This is our least favorite, the head piece is really basic but the bra is well balanced and loving the use of tassels

This creative piece has been designed to represent European erotic desire. Erotica was created to transcend the areas of style, fashion and carnival.

We really like the corset on this costume and the fact that it gives you more coverage. However with a name like Erotica a darker, stronger colour could of been considered.

Black Magic
As we all know all’s fair in love and war and what better way to execute this than in the form of Black Magic. The hands on the bra reach for the star. Black is beautiful, black is magic

Over all a very nice costume but would of liked to see more black for maxim presence.

The Gondoliers
Is the fun mas section for the guys and girls who would like an alternative to beads and feathers.

Tribal Love by Dynasty entertainment
This year's theme was chosen to highlight the similarities in the richness of the culture of Caribbean people and Native American Indians. Our diverse and colourful cultures are both influenced by music, dance, rhythm and a love for nature and life.

We really like the colour combination of this costume but it was a bit too much beads for us. But we love the one shoulder and the deep purple design.

Poison UK present 'Togetherness' for the kiddy mas and we have always love the creativity and freedom they put into the kids costumes. No miniature adult costumes instead they give you sculptural forms with hand painted fabric.

Poison UK have definitely stepped up their game with these costumes. Although not groundbreaking they are contributing to the creativity and craftsmanship of mas in the UK. We look forward to hopefully playing mas with PUK this year. Much thanks and ReSpecs to Catharine and the other Puk girls who made us most welcome.

All 2 piece costumes packages are from 125.00 make sure to sign up for a Puk card this will entitle you to a 10% discount. click here for more details.

All pictures are from Trini Jungle Juice and BNN

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