10 February 2010

Viviane Sassen

We came across Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen through her fashion photography for Adidas. In these pictures she revistis her childhood home of Kenya to come up with these beautiful images.

Viviane Sassen grew up in Kenya, where her father practised as a doctor. Her earliest memories of her youth stretch back to this time. She remembers the beauty of the landscape and the children with whom she used to play. She also recollects the poverty of the shanty towns and her father's terminally ill patients.

Sassen first revisited Africa in 2002. Since then, the continent has formed the subject of her photography, as reflected in the series ‘Flamboya’, in her ‘Ultra Violet’ sketchbook and the ‘Ultra Violet’ series. ‘Sassen knows how to go beyond the confines of her subject. The photographs do not just portray death, loss and urban life in Africa. They show genuine humanity, cultural clichés, Sassen's personal life story and aesthetics.
’ words from DSM


Au Courant Daily said...

Is it wrong that I want the shirt the guy is wearing (to the left) in the 2nd shot??? Very cool mood in the pics.

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

Ooooo, the photos are BEAUTIFUL! I might have to check out her stuff!



Anonymous said...

Ahh so cool! I was born/grew up in Kenya as well, I definitely have to check out more of her work.

Afrika said...

striking images.