22 February 2010

TK Maxx / Sport Relief T-shirt Fashion Challenge

For few years TK Maxx and Sport relief have been paring up to release limited edition design T shirts with a donation from every sale going to Sport Relief. This year they have teamed up with the Beckham's to create these exclusive designs for the whole family.

Bnn and other bloggers were challenged to style an outfit around the Sport relief T Shirt. 

Here are the results:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Get yours here

As this is a competition we need your votes, simply go to the Tk Maxx fan page on Facebook and GIVE US YOUR LIKES


Thed Weller said...

...am i the ONLY one thrown off by the legs? the shirt looks "ok" but those are nice legs! I'm sure they don't come with the shirt ;-p!

daniel john said...

Nice Shirt

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