12 February 2010

Cibelle in 'Lightworks'

I love this take on Raymond Scott's "Lightworks" and video by Cibelle.The singer's name is Sonja Khalecallon, and her band are Los Stroboscopious Luminous."Sonja Khalecallon is in fact one of the alter egos of Cibelle, the London-based tropical punkster.."

"Lightworks" is known to most of us by way of Jay Dilla sampling it for his track "Lightworks" which was on his seminal album "Donuts".

"Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel" will be out in the Spring 2010



Janell said...

This blew my mind just a little bit. :)

Mariana Weber said...

não conhecia Cibelle, queria agradecer por apresentar!