12 May 2009

TV Commercial casting for Star Beer

Calling all Nigerian Nerds..yes you've been getting spoiled on this blog recently!
An opportunity for some Naija man of seismic proportions has come to Bnn's attention:

"TV Commercial casting in London and filming in South Africa. No Experience necessary. We are looking for interesting Nigerian (or of origin) guys between 22 and 35. We will be casting the week of the 20th of May. The shoot will be in South Africa for about a week at the end May. The rates are Basic studio fee is £250 per day and 300 percent for Nigerian tv ie £750 abt the same for print. All exspences paid trip to South Africa. Please send a photo and contact details to Ian Sheppard at Shep@shepdog.com asap Good Luck."

so if you like:

Picture taken from http://koranteng.blogspot.com/

Then contact:
Ian Sheppard at Shep@shepdog.com

Ps. for those BLACK NERDS that need a bit of history:

STAR was introduced into the Nigerian market on 2 June 1949 as the first indigenous beer brand; the beer market having been dominated exclusively by imported brands. Shortly after its entry into the market, STAR quickly brushed aside the problems usually associated with a new brand in a market already used to imported beer and started a path of tremendous growth. For instance in 1962, about 2, 191,376 cartons of STAR were sold and by 1975 the figure has risen to 11,266,000 cartons. As at 2003, the sales figures were in the region of over 40 million cartons in that year alone.


Atiim said...

As an American I have to say how cool (and weird) it is to see an entire black cast in a beer commerical...and not acting silly in it.

still standing said...

Hate to say this but Equity rates are a heck of a lot more if I remember a 3min T.V ad 3-4 years a go was.

£9000 for Europeean rights and £10-15000 for international rights on top of the £5-9000 for the actual ad it's self.

But this would be fantastic if an actor wanted to break Nigeria..as the exposure would be priceless.

Anonymous said...

cool oppty