22 May 2009

Nautical Fashion

All this Nautical fashion that's around got us reminiscing of precious holidays to the Caribbean where we spent time sailing, lazy days on Macaroni beach Mustique and Lower Bay Bequia.


Bnn Nautical Nerd T Shirt

Red leather bag, gloves and scarf all vintage charity shop buys

Anchor belt again charity shop in Wembley


Bill Amberg Mens Deck wear

Love these deck shoes by Henri Lloyd


Mustique Captain Kids T shirt from Basil's Mustique

Woven blue and white bag with rope strap Charity shop

We heart The Grenadines

1 comment:

pozzywozzy said...

what u know bout bequia!!! big to to st. vincent and the grenadines!!! Bequia is a magical place and will hopefully remain unawares to the masses. please let's keep it this way!