18 April 2009


Bnn bumped into Crispin Robinson aka Spry (percussionist extraordinaire) the other day and it got them thinking about the good old days. (The days when Crispin had HAIR!..sorry bro.)
Before Trip Hop, Drum and bass, Garage or Grime there was ACID JAZZ!
At the forefront of this scene along with legends such as Omar, The Young Disciples (my personal favourite),The Brand new heavies and Jamiroquai were Galliano.
Galliano were the first band to sign to Gilles petersons label Talkin Loud back in the early nineties.The original members were Rob Gallagher (vocals), Constantine Weir (vocals), and Crispin Robinson (percussion).
Their first release was "Frederick Lies Dead" in 1987 and they went on to record two albums with the original line up "In Pursuit of the 13th Note - 1991 " and "A Joyful Noise unto the Creator - 1992 " which added Valerie Etienne to vocals and Mick Talbot, Paul wellers partner in crime from the Style Council on Keys and production.
I saw this line up of the band several times from Manchester Academy to Glastonbury and they never failed to move the crowd, throwing giant balls into the audience and having mass stage invasions.
Every now and again I bump into Constantine or Rob who is still doing his thing as earl zinger and I can tell they miss those days.

Ps. can't really do a blog on Acid Jazz without mentioning Eddie Piller who started "Acid Jazz" records along with Gilles Peterson in the late eighties.

Pps. I had a Wicked live version of this song to post but because of the Stupidness of YOUTUBE It's "NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS REGION"!

Galliano- Prince Of Peace

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