23 April 2009

Black Kids on Bikes

Freedom Ride

Formed by James Spooner graphic designer, bike lover and film maker. He sums himself as “I makes movies, rides bikes and loves my family, not in that order”.

Once a month black cyclists are getting together to meet, get to know one another and ride. The ride is medium paced, 10 -15 miles with a couple stops for beverages and to let everyone catch up.

This ride brings together Black people of all ages to ride there bikes.

We would love to ride our fixie with these folk

For more info on Freedom Ride

You may also know James Spooner from the Afro Punk scene and maker of the film check the movement here

Afro Punk Trailer

View his blog here


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

movie with black people riding bikes: www.medicineformelancholy.com

Monique said...

The Afro-Punk movement is still going strong! Check out the scene from the 2010 Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn, NY: