16 April 2009

The Extra Leg

We came across these at DIYmode and thought they were rather Dandy then a bike clip or imitating some kind of rudeboy fashion with one leg up. Rather fetching when we're riding our fixie.

The extra leg is a garment accessory that allows you to really protect your pants when you ride your bike without looking like an idiot.Just wrap them around your pants, they self attach with Velcro, and leave your trousers untouched and protected from your bike.You can either play it discreet by choosing an extra leg the same colour as your pants, or be more graphic with contrasts.

One size fits all, men and women, and the different styles of pants wearing. You can choose to wear them, tight on slim jeans, or loosely with a suit not to wrinkle it; the long Velcro strips make sure they don’t fall off. The extra legs are produced by A.P.C. with their own legendary denims in the sixth arrondissement in Paris.

The Extra Leg

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