24 July 2008


As a designer I’ve seen the recent over kill of birds, in fashion, interiors, wall stickers, stencils, giftware etc. They can be seen perch on your shoulder, flying over your head adorning walls and window displays everywhere, but have you notice it’s the usual quaint English swallows, robins and wrens.

Its now time for the tropics, beautiful hummingbirds, parrots, scarlet ibis with vivid bold colours all native to the islands of the Caribbean.

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Continuing the trend Tribe carnival band has just launch their presentation for Trinidad 2009 based solely on tropical birds (check saucy carnival blog for pics of launch).

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So a few months back I was pleased to see in the Tiger shop in Hammersmith this £2.00 scarf. I loved the parrots placed among the oversized lush tropical leafs. Last week I decided to knock up this skirt.

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