7 July 2008

Lauryn Hill - Howard Stern Interview 1996

I know were way late on this one but I had to post this interview with Howard Stern taken in 1996 after Lauryn Hill Supposedly said "she didn't want white people to buy her records".

Media love twisting these type of statements and creating the very thing theyre so enraged at!

Ps. Howard Stern is an EEEEEEEEEDIOT!

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Paul said...

Please. First, Lauryn's crazier than a Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell combo. She makes all sorts of ridiculous remarks towards all sorts of people, so she leaves herself open to attack.

Howard's no idiot. He may be childish and obnoxious (a la Chris Moyles, but Moyles is an actual racialist), but his values, logic, and good nature speak are obvious is you can get past his sense of humor. Also, that a brilliant sister like Robin Quivers works with him should speak for itself.