8 August 2010

Kelechi Amadi Obi vs Keziah Jones

We love this beautiful film made by oel 'Kachi' Benson using a Canon 7D.

Kelechi Amadi Obi vs Keziah Jones from Joel Benson on Vimeo.


bobbie gardner said...

Wicked! Gonna link to this on my blog, I love what he says about being a victim or victor, gonna quote it to the young people I work with!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. Definitely linking this.

Anonymous said...

Keziah is an attractive man.

nós said...

hey im just one the the brazilian girls from this blog, just wanted to say ive been reading your stuff, we really liiike, lovely posts <3 <3 beijoss

Dee O. said...

This is an amazing video! I love seeing people who are so passionate about their craft! And He's Nigerian (like me) which makes me like him even more lol. And the musician he is shooting is amazing...his style and his music :) Thank you so much for sharing this

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