19 July 2010

Sweet Design Studio

We love these beautiful cards from Sweet Design Studio

Celebrating woman of color, style and individuality.
Creating eye-catching bespoke fashion greeting
cards, sweetdesignstudio captures the essence of
femininity, and fun.

All the designs are handmade using a variety of
mixed media such as sequenes, paper collages and
cotton strings.


Harlem Loves said...

Oh wow these are so cute! Love it

Mystic Jungle said...

love the art work!!!

Anonymous said...

At last a card that reflects me,my friends, my loved ones.


Dark Daughta said...

they are cute but it would be uber cute if they featured wimmin with more flesh who were also black. i get tired of feeling oppressed by the black wimmin are beautiful, funky and divine set for whom beauty is epitomized by thinness. i'd like more belly, thighs and butt. that would make me a very happy black gyal. love the colours, too.