14 July 2009

We Heart EK

On Saturday BnnGirls went down to the Eley Kishimoto sample sale and pick up these.

We loved this jacket ever since we saw it in 2005 and never thought we would own it, some years later and now we do, Yea!

The "Local" collection was inspired by images in and around Brixton.

Print In fashion by Marnie Fogg

Zig Zag

Jacket Eley Kishimoto
EK Brooch
T shirt Primark
Dress made into a skirt Primark
Necklace Vintage Camden passage

Pop Socks Eley Kishimoto
Shoes Tk Maxx

Liking our head wrap.......Ok not quite a head wrap but we're going to wear it like this

Silk printed Head wrap Eley Kishimoto


andrea said...

cuteness all around! love the zig zag jacket. great find.

☆Reese✮ said...

I am digging that head wrap!

KingTopher said...

Cool! Mos def how I want my woman to dress1 LOL1