29 November 2008

Phonofone II New in store

From seeing the Phonofone back in January at the New York gift show we immedialy fell in love with the Phonofone. This beautiful ceramic mp3 player designed by Science and Sons ideal in a living space at a perfect volume for backdrop music, no more shouting over friends with this player

Through passive amplification alone, These unique pieces instantly transform any personal music player + earbuds into a sculptural audio console.

Without the use of external power or batteries, the Phonofone inventively exploits the virtues of horn acoustics to boost the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibles* (or roughly the maximum volume of laptop speakers)

Upon connecting active earphones to the Phonofone their trebly buzzing is instantly and profoundly transformed into a warm, rich and resonant sound.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


bonnie said...

I like this Music player !! I want to get it from radio-shack.

SolShine7 said...

That's awesome!

Harlem Loves... said...

I so need to get me one of those!

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

1st the boombox now the phonofone... I LOVE IT!!!