15 September 2008

Got Me Some Nice Set of Wheels

The fixed-gear's renaissance supposedly stems from West Indian immigrants in New York working as cycle couriers in the Eighties. They had used them at home because they were cheap and easy to maintain, and continued using them in the US. Their light frames and speed made them perfect for work. It's popularity spread throughout the courier community, finally crossing to the UK and other countries(The Observer, Sunday March 9 2008).

..So when it was time to get a new bike there was no other choice than a custom fixed wheel bike from Brick Lane Bikes(Although i must add they are BLOODY RUDE in there i wouldn't recommend a visit unless you have developed a particuarly thick skin! However can't let that ruin my fun!

We started with the frame and it had to be cream, the front wheel cost the same of a normal bike and is by Aerospoke which is currently out of stock due to high demand. The back wheel is handmade with custom gold rims.

Welcome to bike royalty.

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Take a look at this short film of 4.43 minutes of bike porn

Macaframa SF Track Bike Promo


dustin said...

Your bike, it's adorable... you should consider getting straps/clips on your pedals friend- it increases the of the intimacy ride...

i've secretly had a crush on this blog for a while- i guess the secrets out...


Anonymous said...

ooh nice one
planning on getting a fixie
how much did that one set you back?

BNN said...

It hurt...! LOL!

Anonymous said...

nioce bike!! ive been ridin my fixie for about a month now, it's an old red fuji. i love it!

DanFodio said...

happy cycling - the bike porn made a dude smile!

check this out


Anonymous said...

oh maaaan, WOW, i heart fixies, although they make my ridgeback look rather lame