28 January 2008

Lightspeed Champion.. AKA BLACK NERD

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Yesterday we were bopping around Shoreditch and we bumped into Devonte Hynes formely of those dirty noiseiks Test Icicles, and as you do we promised him a blog so here we go..

If anyone deserves the honor of being haled as a black nerd or in fact just a nerd it's Devonte!

In his first venture Test Icicles with his band members he some how managed to combine grime, punk and thrash metal (not an easy feat) and in the process make Bloc Party look like Girls Aloud!

His new solo project Lightspeed Champion seems far more intimate (although we must confess we haven't heard it all hopefully we'll get sent a copy for writing this..yeah Devonte if your reading this send us a copy!!LOL) with songs like "TELL ME WHAT IT'S WORTH".

Check him out his album is called "Falling Off The Lavender Bridge"

He's also got a blog: www.lightspeedchampion.com/

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