6 September 2007

Bnn asks... mf doom or mos def?

Bnn asks...
mf doom or mos def?

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Evian Cafun:
mf doom is more interesting
Niinoi Bossman:
Melissa Martin:
MF Doom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bosola. Ajenifuja:
Mos def, I personally find him more accessible and he does movies not just music for heavens sakes the guy was in a hitch hikers guide to the galaxy!
Yemi Black:
I will have to say Mos Def.
Peter Benhene-ocrah:
Mos Def
Oyindamola Fakeye:
Def, its his swagger!
Warsan Shire:
I just saw them both perform at rock the bells california..and although DOOM is unexplainably gifted and takes HipHop lyrically to very imaginative places..MOS DEF has to be the choice, i heard travellin man when i was 13 yrs old, been in love ever since.
Kimberly Trusty:
I have to go with MF Doom, partially because he's getting no love here. He wears a mask. He references 70's & 80's cartoons. He has a song called "Accordion". I love accordions...
Natalie Danielle Marshall:
in some sense though, like Mr. Molit said, don't you think they are in two different leagues within the 'sub-genre' that they're placed in? In terms of 'acessibility' it is Mos, but Doom is good... but for me it is Mos...
Ada Iye:
def.. because i have no idea who doom is... *blushes*
Alex Moitt:
Looks like I'm in the minority with this choice but it has to be MF Doom. Mos Def is cool but Doom's really in a different league and Mos Def's last two albums weren't doing anyhting for me.
Radha Blank:
Mos....no question he's lyrically gifted but 'panties' was a bliss
Richard Applewaithe:
I gotta go with Mos espescially the early stuff with sean j period. If ya can huh you can hear all those tunes.
Richard Applewaithe:
I gotta go with Mos espescially the early stuff with sean j period. If ya can huh you can hear all those tunes.
Rana Emerson:
It's Mos. Cause he's soooo pretty! *runs and hides*
Natalie Danielle Marshall:
the mighty mos, black dante...
Kofi Acheampong:
Has to be doom "aqua teen hunger force!"

Hotly debated. According to this Mos def is ahead?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the best emcee with no chain you ever heard. Mos is good but DOOM takes it to a whole other place.

Anonymous said...

DOOM cuz he is a badass mofo and would wreck mos def in a battle

Tytus Penn said...

Your Momz, she be making them biscuits...

i-shola said...

r u guys kidding me? seriously? for real? all caps all the way

Anonymous said...

I've seen some pretty nice freestyles by mos and from what I hear MF lip syncs on stage. But aside from that, both of them have ROCKED it old school (and if you haven't heard UBT or KMD you have some research to do), and you don't get much better than Black Star, but yet DOOM is a pretty good producer (I wouldn't say superb though) and has come through with some pretty good collabs and Madvillainy happens to be a favorite. So I love MF and Mos both, but I'm gonna have to say DOOM wins because of more good albums. I'm sorry Mos but Black On Both Sides just doesn't cut it for me :[ (but don't get me wrong I've regretted a few DOOM albums too like MM..More Food).

And 16 blocks was a good movie!

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

doom's beats are crazy... his flow can be monotonous and a bore at times but he's still pretty decent

mos and mic work so well together his experimentation may throw folk off but he's still pretty dope

best songs= brooklyn, the panties & what is beef

check out= def vs doom mixtape (good listen)

pimpdaddykane said...

no compitition, doom slays def and is bloodthirsty for more.. bmbumbuhm

Marty said...

was looking for pics of doom and ran across this and just had to post...

i think doom wins. love mos tho- hitchhikers, black star. doom just has lyrics beyond everyone else

Anonymous said...

mos def = hip hop