28 May 2007


A rare chance to take a look at our myspace inbox..Genius NERD like message from: "La mexica" (they call her)


....it's been a while since I last passed by your page!

I had a dream about the Black Nerds Network & thought I would share it with you....lol...!

BNN had an old Victorian building like an old school. The room we were in had the old tall, sash windows. The walls in the 'L' shaped room were brick, painted a brilliant white & the light in the room was beautifully, naturally bright.
All round the walls were heavy bookcases & we were all sat at round tables sipping tea quietly reading.

You, or the image you have on your profile, were stood at the pulpit in the room, quietly reading to yourself also!

We were all listening to Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson while the rain was beating down on the widow pane.

LOL....was this just a dream or a premonition? I had to go out & buy Gil Scott-Heron, Pieces of a Man 'cos I still can't get that dream out of my head!

Peace blessed love & unity X

Ps. We were listening to ' Pieces of a Man' as we read the message....HONEST!!(HEROES).


Anonymous said...

inspiring and magical :-). Big up BNN!!

WoW Dreams Networks said...

funny wow dreams
We are too, and http://wowdreams.net
Is our Private server for World of Warcraft.