16 June 2013



Below is a Blog we did back In 2009 about Charles Krafft, and some of the comments we received for outing someone we believed to be Racist!

 Guess what...we were right!

CHARLES KRAFFT IS A WHITE NATIONALIST.... (click for full story).


------------------------------------Original Post----------------------------------------------


We have never had to do this before, but due to the message we received in our myspace inbox from Charles Krafft we were left with two options:

1. delete this post
2. share the message and our reply.

We decided to go with option 2:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Charles Krafft
To: blacknerdsnetwork.blogspot.com
Date: 30 Apr 2009, 22:11
Subject: You're kidding!

I'm approving Blacknerdnetwork as a friend because I've never met a black nerd. I'm trying to get with the diversity program here in Seattle, but it's kinda hard when the black kids on my bus won't give up that extra seat they're always sprawled across.

-----------------BLACK NERDS NETWORK REPLY---------


There is so much wrong with what you have written it is difficult to know where to start.

Your racially prejudice! My instincts tell me your not the sharpest razor in the pack so i'll break it down for you.

You judge people that you have never met by the colour of their skin!? At best this is STUPID, and at Worst it is RACIST.

Im sure you've met many Black Nerds, were just normal people that come in all ages, genders and professions... hey in fact some of us even drive buses.

We really liked your work and blogged about it. We then sent you a simple friends request on myspace. We were astonished by your reply.

However unlike you we will not judge the many by the few.


Bnn fam.


The original Disasterware, flirting with violence and beauty comes from the American artist Charles Krafft pioneer of the Pop Surrealism movement.

Of all the people acquiring guns in 1998 on the black market in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Charles Krafft was probably the only one who turned the illicit weapons into porcelain delftware.

Meeting with arms dealers in Ljubljana's cafes and bars, Krafft made arrangements to borrow Kalashnikovs and AK-47s ("the little black dress of the military industrial complex," he calls the assault rifles) so that he could use them to make plaster slip-molds. He then created meticulously accurate castings of the guns in white porcelain and painted the weapons with flowers, text and other decoration in the traditional delftware blue. The resulting collection of lethal but dainty satire became part of a body of work that provoked Mark Del Vecchio, author of "Postmodern Ceramics," to declare Krafft "one of the USA's most seditious artists [who] plays difficult, uneasy games with content and culture."

Charles Krafft talks about his work

Charles Krafft on Charles Krafft

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